Catalysts Europe

Catalysts Europe represents the leading Catalyst manufacturers in Europe

The European Catalyst Manufacturers Association is a sector group of the European Chemical Industry Council (Cefic) and represents the leading catalyst producers in Europe. Catalysts Europe is a non-profit organisation established in 1983 and dedicated to promoting the safe use and benefits of catalysts to society.
Catalyst plays a vital role in everyday life by making many products possible, improving process efficiency, reduced energy consumption and reduction of emissions and waste.
A major goal is to promote the safe use of catalysts over the whole life cycle including manufacture, installation and spent catalyst management including regeneration, recovery and disposal. Spent catalysts have been recycled for many years and have made a significant contribution to reducing waste and the circular economy. Dedicated catalyst regeneration companies are members of Catalysts Europe.

Catalyst market

The global catalyst market is estimated to be greater than EUR 20 billion and is growing due to increasing demand for the products made with catalysts. Improving air quality through catalytic emissions reducing technology combined with lower energy consumption by catalyst are also growing the market.

Specific tasks of Catalysts Europe

  • REACH substance coordination
  • Ensure the various REACH Registrations/Consortia take account of specific catalyst requirements
  • Exposure scenarios and use maps
  • Increase and improve the quality of exposure data for various catalyst substances to evaluate their potential risk and support their safe use
  • Collecting and promoting catalyst handling best practices to limit exposure during loading and unloading operations


 Additional information about Catalysts Europe 

Catalysts Europe is a member of Eurometaux.